The BALYO geo-guidance technology combine software intelligence and hardware elements. Balyo has developed its geo-navigation stack based on a deep optimization of SLAM algorithms using LIDAR to acquire the reference data. BALYO uses also TOF cameras to ease, secure and increase performance of robots pick and drop.

Our strong belief is that the mobile robots general perception will be largely improved in warehouses. It is indeed the focus and the major work BALYO would like to achieve rapidly in the incoming years with the help of the international research community as a low hanging fruit opportunity for the deployment of connected autonomous vehicles in real industrial environment.

Perception is a complex topic within the context of autonomous driving. This is due to a number of factors as for example, the number of object classes that need to be identified or detected , the level of acceptable error rate or the computing vision optimization and processing that needs to be achieved. However, in warehouses,  object classes are limited and the real environment is much more “predictable” than urban roads. This situation provides simpler real time “scenes” analysis and comprehension through dedicated algorithms. We see this learning process as a unique lever to achieve real time trajectory optimization depending on the “decisions” or anticipations the robot will have to do (in collaborations with other robots or manual trucks) confronted to the different situations (new road selection, obstacle avoidance, stop, maneuver, slow down, sound alert, traffic light management,…). This approach can rapidly open the way to self-learning approach in warehouses.

In order to achieve these objectives and increase the performance of our robots, BALYO wants to set up a dedicated Perception Lab that will be located in France at 5 km from Eiffel Tower and the center town of Singapore (in BALYO subsidiary). This team will be constituted of 5 research engineers and PhD students and will work closely with worldwide research institutes and universities.

BALYO has an open position for its Director of its Global Perception Lab. You will be reporting directly to BALYO CTO with a large autonomy to drive the success of the your team.


  • Develop, structure and manage BALYO perception lab and activities
  • Develop computer vision algorithms and data fusion in line with our customer expectations and logistic market needs (Camera, Lidars, MEMS..)
  • Define our perception roadmap (components and algorithms) to increase the performance in a design to cost approach
  • Develop and Improve our deep-learning approach and object detection pipelines to improve AI in BALYO robots.


  • 7 to 10 years’ experience in perception and computer vision algorithm
  • Strong skills on management of technical team with entrepreneurial and enthusiastic mindset
  • Presence and mentoring to grow and manage a technical multicultural team
  • Leadership and problem solving/solution oriented
  • Business oriented and capabilities to adapt to customer demands
  • Background on design and deployment of perception system for autonomous vehicles
  • Robotics background
  • PhD in Computer Vision
  • Passionate about self-driving technology and its potential impact on the world
  • Rigorous and quality oriented
  • Deep knowledge of suppliers network
  • Languages : English fluent

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